The benefits of 3D printing.

As 3D printing continues to progress and become more affordable to the general public, businesses of all types are beginning to integrate this emerging technology into their everyday practices. Companies like Nike, Boeing, and Ford have already invested in 3D printers and are using them to realize the benefits of 3D printing by designing, testing, and building many of their own products in-house.

Top reasons businesses prefer 3D printing over traditional manufacturing methods.

Rapid Prototyping

3D printing gives you the ability to design products faster than ever before. Instead of waiting weeks for your prototypes to arrive, 3D printing gives you the ability to design and print a concept the very same day — accelerating your time to market and giving you a leg up on the competition.

Improved Communications

Designers, engineers, and manufacturers each think differently — especially when studying digital images of a prototype. This leaves room for costly design misinterpretations. 3D printed prototypes clears all forms of communication and offers a tangible representation of a how a product intends to look and feel.

Save Time and Money

Manufacturing can be an expensive process. Especially if custom parts and tools are required to get the job done. 3D printing gives you the ability to quickly print injection molds, build your own manufacturing tools, and create functional end-use parts at an affordable rate — driving down the overall cost of production.

Design Flexibility

3D printers allow you to create intricate shapes and complex structures that wouldn’t be possible under traditional manufacturing methods. You’ll even have the option to use multiple materials during a single build, simplifying the post assembly process.

Less Waste

Traditional manufacturing is a wasteful process where excess plastics and metals usually get thrown away after a design is complete. 3D printers let you reuse excess materials for your next print job and consumes far less energy than other manufacturing methods.

Eliminate Risk

Tools used for molding and die casting can be very expensive, especially if you notice a design flaw after you’ve already made the investment. 3D printers allow you to quickly print a prototype and verify its design before investing in molding or casting tools.

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