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Artec Scanners

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Reverse engineering
Industrial design & manufacturing
Science & education
Art & design

Artec 3D Scanners offer many advantages over laser scanners


Artec 3D scanners capture object details over ten times faster than laser scanners and have a much wider field of view.

Cost Effective

These scanners are more affordable than laser scanners, offering a faster return on your investments.

No Preparation

Laser scanners require additional set-up, like placing tracking stickers on your object. Artec scanners use geometry and texture to track objects automatically.


Most laser scanners are stationed on a tripod and require the help of a turntable to capture an entire object. Artec scanners are handheld, allowing you to freely scan from any angle.

Revolutionary software

Creating accurate 3D models has never been so straightforward when you’re in AUTOPILOT mode. This powerful feature lets you turn any scanned object into a professional 3D model in a matter of clicks, saving you hours of post-processing. Its smart algorithms can auto-populate various textures and geometries in a matter of seconds. Once you’re finished, easily export your results into SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk, Geomagic, Blender or other popular CAD software.

Trusted by designers, engineers and industrial professionals

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