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Fusion3 3D Printers

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An open source material system

Fusion3 offers an impressive selection of materials from their growing list of certified material providers. Each material goes through a rigorous testing process to evaluate compatibility and performance. The majority of compatible materials are best suited for rapid prototyping, while the nylon is best for making functional parts, and the polycarbonate material is able to withstand higher temperatures.

Print parts small to very large, quickly, at great print quality.

The F410 3D printer features three interchangeable printheads with extrusion tips that are different sizes. Choosing which printhead to use will depend on your desired speed and resolution of the part you’ll be printing. The 0.8mm option is Fusion 3’s speed demon, and is capable of laying down material at twice the rate of many FDM printers while the 0.4mm option sacrifices speed for superior print quality and smooth finishes.

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