Print Stronger with Composites High Performance Functional Materials

Functional materials (FUNMAT) is where Intamsys got its name for their FUNMAT 3D printer line. These printers let you print with affordable thermoplastics and uses an open material system, so the library of materials you can use is constantly growing.


Adoption of PEEK 3D printers on assembly lines is growing fast

Intamsys offers affordable 3D printers able to print in PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) material, one of the world’s highest performing thermoplastics. It’s chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures makes PEEK a popular material choice among aerospace and automotive professionals. It can also be used as a metal-replacement for functional prototypes or end-use parts.

Learn how an automotive seating company used the FUNMAT HT printer to improve productivity, create faster turnarounds and lower production costs.

Printers from Intamsys

Funmat Pro 610 HT

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Funmat Pro 410

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Funmat Pro HT

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Funmat HT

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Funmat Pro

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