Print Stronger with Composites from Markforged

Markforged offers some of the world’s strongest materials known to 3D printing, with the ability to print parts as strong as aluminum and lighter in weight. Their technology allows you to reinforce your parts with continuous fibers for the greatest strength and are a good replacement for metal machined parts on the production floor.

RF Antennas
Multilayer PCB
Electromagnetic components
Molded interconnect devices

Reimagine the way products are made with additive manufacturing for functional electronics.

With only a couple of ink cartridges and a power outlet, a multilayer PCB can go from design to being held in your hands in a matter of hours. Take control of your entire development cycle from start to finish, saving you weeks over traditional methods.

Overcome your design complexities and manufacturing bottlenecks with the DragonFly 2020 Pro.

Time Savings

Print on-site in days, even for the most complex designs.

Cost Savings

Never worry about large order minimums again and catch errors earlier in the design cycle.

Complex Geometries

Push your design boundaries with endless freedom to innovate and test new concepts.

Redesign for mechatronics

Produce better electronics for customers in terms of size, weight and impact on the environment.


Print your designs in an IP secure environment by keeping everything in-house.

Time to market

Design, test and iterate on the fly so you can get products to market faster.

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