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What is Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)?

Selective Laser Sintering technology uses a laser to harden and bond small grains of plastic, ceramic, glass, metal, or other materials into layers that form a 3D dimensional structure. The laser traces the pattern of each cross section of the 3D design onto a bed of powder. After one layer is built, the bed lowers and another layer is built on top of the previous layer until the part is complete. SLS doesn’t require the support structures that many other technologies use to prevent the design from collapsing during production. This characteristic alone, while also conserving materials, means that SLS is capable of producing complex geometries unlike any other technology.

Pro X SLS series printers are designed to integrate smoothly with your manufacturing process, allowing you to rethink and optimize your entire production and supply chain strategies. You’ll be able to lower your production costs with localized on-demand manufacturing instead of having to wait on materials and parts from 3rd parties.

Production grade quality

Manufacture strong end-use parts and functional prototypes with exceptional 3D mechanical properties and the fastest additive manufacturing speeds.

Have confidence in your results

Printers in the Pro X SLS series produce parts that show outstanding resolution, smooth surface finishes, detailed edge definition, and precise consistency across multiple prints.

Complete design freedom

There’s no limits to what you can and can’t print. Pro X SLS series printers make it easy to produce short runs of complex or one-off customized products with intricate shapes and designs.

Streamline your workflow

Automated production tools, powder handling, recycling functions, and mobile production controls allow you to get the most out of every print job you encounter.

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