ProJet 5000

Professional Printer

Large build size for your high-resolution plastic parts

Featuring the largest build size in 3D Systems’ line of high-definition MultiJet 3D printers, the ProJet 5000 professional printer is designed to deliver maximum productivity and absolute design freedom in you factory or office. A unique combination of size, precision and ease-of-use makes the ProJet 5000 ideal for consistent, high-resolution parts of all sizes. This high-throughput workhorse can even print two times faster using the high-speed mode.

VisiJet M5 materials include high-elongation, durable plastic; high-strength PP-like black plastic; or stiff, brilliant white plastic with high-temperature resistance. Whatever your material choice, the ProJet 5000 has the unique ability to produce large or small injection molded-like plastic parts with superior feature quality and detail.

Upgrade productivity

With the largest build size in its class, the ProJet 5000 prints bigger parts and more parts in high definition with the most affordable cost-to-build size ratio.

Increase part quality

Produce parts with high precision, as well as remarkable micro-fine details, exceptional sidewall quality, unmatched surface smoothness, and sharp edges and corners.

The best materials

The material selection includes stiff white and tough black injection molded-like plastics that are highly durable and transparent.

Optimize your time

Remote monitoring and control means you can leave your printer unattended while it finishes a print job.

Printer Specs
60.3"(W) x 35.7"(H) 57.1"(D)
Printer Technologies
MultiJet Printing
Design Specs
Max Print Size
21"(W) x 15"(H) 11.8"(D)
VisiJet MS-X
VisiJet MS
VisiJet MS MX
Clear Amber
64 Microns
High Speed 375 x 375 x 395 DPI
Hi-Def 375 x 375 x 790 DPI
Ultra Hi-Def 750 x 750 x 890 DPI
Tech Specs
Operating Systems
Windows XP Professional
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Software included with printer
File Types
Minimum RAM
1 Gb
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