sPro SLS Series

Production Printers

The sPro SLS series printers from 3DSystems offer the industry’s best combination of part durability and surface finish.

These printers are raising the bar in direct manufacturing and are capable of producing anything from industrial designs and medical devices to prosthetics, orthotics, and cases for your smartphone or tablet. The sPro SLS printers are available in several models for those that need high-throughput for medium to extra large part sizes.

Printers in the sPro SLS series use DuraForm materials. For example, DuraForm Flex is a durable, rubber-like material with top-notch tear resistance and is perfect for athletic footwear, gaskets, and hoses. The DuraForm FR 100 is a halogen-free, flame retardant plastic that is compliant with UL 94 V-0 and is perfect for consumer products, aircraft cabin and cargo parts, and appliance enclosures.

Common Applications

sPro SLS printers are suitable a wide variation of applications include aerospace ducting, customized medical drill guides, prosthetics and orthotics, electronic housings, and automotive interior prototypes.

Function and quality

Print parts with mechanical properties suitable for end-use and tough prototyping applications. SLS technology produces the highest accuracy and resolution available, so you’ll have full confidence in the precision of your printed parts.

Zero tooling or supports required

With no tooling required, you’ll be able to save money by lowering your production and logistic expenses when using the sPro SLS series printers. You’ll also enjoy complete design freedom because SLS printer don’t require any supports.

Speed is everything

Make parts faster than ever before with superior build speeds and high throughput rates. You’ll instantly gain a leg up on the competition by being able to print a large number of products in a matter of hours instead waiting days or weeks.

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