3D Bio Plotter

3D Bioplotter System Series

Tissue engineering with 3D printing

The EnvisionTEC 3D-BioplotterĀ® system has been used since 2000 for a variety of medical applications including materials science, neuroimaging, and toxicology disciplines. Using the clinical printer settings, patient CT or MRI scans are used to create STL files to print solid 3D models which can then be used as templates for implants. The 3D-Bioplotter has the capacity of fabricating scaffolds using the widest range of materials from hydrogels over polymer melts up to hard ceramics and metals.

The printer was designed as both a tool for advanced Tissue Engineering research, as well as for use in a production environment.

Material freedom

The Bio-Plotter is not locked to any proprietary materials so you can choose your preferred vendors for medical grades, mixture compositions, concentrates, and additives.


The Bio-Plotter System can be used for bone regeneration, drug release timing, soft tissue fabrication, cell printing, organ printing, and more!

Temperature control

Individual temperature control of each printing head, both in the parking positions, as well as during printing.


Designed for use in a sterile biosafety cabinet with built-in sterile and particle filters for the input compressed air.

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