Micro DGP

Micro Family

A 3D printer built for dentists.

The Perfactory® Micro DGP is a low cost, easy-to-use drill guide 3D printer for the dental market. The Micro DGP provides an attractive entry-level solution for dentists and dental labs who want to produce high quality surgical drill guides using EnvisionTEC’s Clear Guide M material.

Material made with Bioplotter
Introducing the Perfactory® Micro DGP to your digital workflow can increase efficiency by lowering production costs and processing time while increasing accuracy for implant placement.

Office Friendly

This printer does not emit any odors and it’s compact size makes it easy to fit inside your office or workplace.

Precision & Accuracy

This printer is ideal for producing highly accurate surgical drill guides to aid in the placement of dental implants.

Easy to Use

This printer can print objects in a single build cycle with very few moving parts to guarantee a strong and reliable production system.


The Micro DGP is compatible with data from a wide variety of dental scanning equipment and is able to print both your tooth-supported and edentulous drill guide designs.

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