Micro HiRes

Micro Family

Small but powerful 3D printer.

The Perfactory Micro HiRes is the smallest professional-grade desktop 3D printer in size with the highest resolution. This printer allows access to a top quality professional grade prototyping system that can produce highly detailed physical 3D duplications of projects that have been created in a CAD environment or downloaded from design files on the internet.

Utilizing a built-in USB connection, the Perfactory® Micro HiRes can connect directly to your PC workstation and works just like a personal desktop printer.

State of the art technology

The Micro HiRes printer uses Direct Light Projection technology from Texas Instruments coupled with LED performance.

Self Calibration

This printer uses a fully automated self-calibrating system to reduce errors during the printing process so you can print with confidence each time.

Ease of Use

Easy handling through pre-adjusted material modules with very few moving parts and minimal consumable components.


Use the Peach M material for models with removable dies for restorations and the Press-E-Cast M material for fabrications using pressing or casting methods.

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