Perfactory PixCera

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Affordable Rapid Direct Manufacturing

The PixCera 3D Printer is designed to support Rapid Direct Manufacturing operations and can produce high resolution parts at a low cost per unit. The PixCera is a great machine for the small lab and can print up to 20 copings and 7 unit bridges in under 2 hours. Wax parts are designed for speed investment casting, allowing for a fast one hour burn-out cycle.

With a small footprint, the PixCera is economically designed to fit into small areas.

Office Friendly

The PixCera 3D printer is office friendly with low power consumption and can operate unattended with maximum reliability.

Simple post-processing

With the PixCera, post-processing is breeze. Each print is 100% photo cured during the build process.

PC Enabled

The PixCera utilizes a built-in ethernet interface which connects the printer directly to a PC workstation and integrates with your network.


Material changeover can be done quickly and easily while producing fully cured models that are chemically safe.

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